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What is Magic Jigsaw Puzzles?

The best and biggest online puzzle collection of them all! High-quality pictures of any kind and different difficulties — in Magic Jigsaw Puzzles everyone finds something to their taste!

It’s up to you to pick an appealing jigsaw, relax, enjoy yourself and piece it back together. Since it’s an online game, you don’t have to worry about losing a piece from your jigsaw box anymore, and you can pause and get back to the game at any given moment!

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles offers the biggest free online puzzle collection there is, with more than 20,000 photographs to pick from, loved and enjoyed by millions. Just try it yourself!

How to play Magic Jigsaw Puzzles?

Assembling jigsaw puzzles is a great pastime that can be both relaxing and challenging. You can have fun experimenting with different methods for assembling a puzzle, especially if you’re new to jigsaws. Once you figure out how you want to sort the pieces and put your puzzle together, you’ll feel like a pro. When you’re finished with your puzzle, donate it, preserve it, or just pack it away to assemble in the future.

First, look for pieces that have a smooth side that can be part of the edge of the puzzle and put those in a pile. Also pull out any pieces that are shaped very differently than the other pieces. When you’re assembling the puzzle, it will eventually be obvious where these specially shaped pieces belong.

More about puzzles

Turn your photos into puzzles and share them

Introducing puzzle social feed, where you can share your photos, turn them into puzzles and get appreciation from other puzzlers from all over the globe! Connect the game to Facebook to check out puzzles made by your family and friends.

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Enjoy daily jigsaw puzzles and events

New day, new puzzle! With the “New image every day” mode, you’ll receive daily free jigsaw puzzles, while also being able to download collections from previous months and even years! You’ll also get to participate in holiday games and activities and get special packs, including collaborations with National Geographic!

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Take your puzzles everywhere you go

They say that a jigsaw puzzle a day keeps the boredom away! Doesn’t matter if you want to play on your computer, tablet or mobile phone: it’s a cross-platform game, and you can play it on iOS, Android, Facebook, Amazon or Microsoft — and never lose your progress!

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About Zimad

ZiMAD is the creator of popular games such as Magic Jigsaw Puzzles, the most popular digital collection of jigsaw puzzles in the world, Dig Out!, My Museum Story and the multi-year series – Bubble Birds. Our products have a multimillion base of active users all over the world.