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The Hardest Jigsaw Puzzle in the World

We all know the frustration of trying to fit a puzzle piece into the right spot. If you’re not used to doing puzzles regularly, even the basic 500 or 1000 puzzle pieces can be a nightmare. But some pros and hardcore fans like to challenge themselves even further than that: there are numerous pictures of people standing in front of a whole wall of a singe puzzle, for example.

Today, we will try to take some puzzles and make a list of the top five of the world’s hardest jigsaw puzzles that one can imagine. It’s a subjective list, of course.

We cannot pick our number one favourite jigsaw puzzle, though, because there simply are no criterias to do that. Let us know if you would like to add some puzzle that we have missed!

“Ice Puzzle 9” by Yuu Asaka

Ice Puzzle 9, image by Puzzle Master Inc

It’s not your average hard jigsaw puzzle that usually consists of a very big amount of small jigsaw pieces, no sir! This one is a much more difficult jigsaw, both in design and shapes. It consists of nine white rectangle-ish pieces that are not connected by placing protruding parts into the fitting holes of other pieces (as it usually is with any ordinary jigsaw puzzle). The shapes are all different, and the way to do this puzzle properly is to place each jigsaw into the right spot of the plastic framed display.

“Wave Puzzle” by Yuu Asaka

Wave 7 jigsaw puzzle, image by Puzzle guy on youtube.com

Yet another masterpiece by Yuu Asaka. This jigsaw puzzle consists of either five or seven long rectangle-ish pieces that one must put onto the plastic framed display. Each piece is unique. Yet again, there are no protruding parts, so you’ll have to really think this challenging puzzle through before solving it the right way. This can be fun to do, but don’t get frustrated right away, keep calm and carry on solving!

“Black Hell” and “White Hell” by Beverly

Beverly's "Micro Pure White Hell" jigsaw puzzles Amazon.com

When you first look at this puzzle, the only reaction you’ll probably produce is “Oh my god!”. It’s painted entirely black (or white, there are two variations of the same puzzle), no spots, no marks, just a thousand pieces that will drive you crazy. That’s probably why this difficult jigsaw puzzle is called “Hell”. If you do not have enough experience, you won’t be able to connect these pieces. Because of these characteristics, this series has made it into our top list quite easily.

Although if you’re really desperate, but still want to solve this puzzle, there are marks on the back of the pieces that can help you understand which one goes where. If you decide to get this one and then not to look at the marks on the pieces and do this one of the world’s most difficult jigsaw puzzle all on your own, that’s entirely up to you. We applaud the bravery nonetheless!

“Krypt” series by Ravensburger Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle by Ravensburger, image by FdFede s on youtube.com

What makes a puzzle impossible? The combination of colour and the unique shape of each piece! This one has it all.

The most popular one that you have probably already seen on the Internet, the “Krypt” is a difficult jigsaw puzzle that’s been around for quite some time. Although at the first glance it doesn’t look that hard and maybe even seems fun to do, your eyes are deceiving you: the pieces are connected in a spiral manner and are painted the same color (there are variations with black, blue, white, metallic and other pieces). It’s challenging, but worth a try anyway, especially if you’re calm enough to thoroughly do the puzzle piece by piece.

This puzzle would be a great gift for a puzzle lover, if you know one, The notorious challenging “Krypt” by Ravensburger Puzzle is available on Amazon.

“The Schmuzzle Puzzle” series

The Shmuzzle Puzzle, source - reddit.com

Best known for its salamander-shaped hard jigsaw puzzles, the Schmuzzle Puzzle series is a truly challenging one to do. The dealbreaker for this one of the world’s most difficult, but fun puzzles is that each salamander-shaped piece can fit basically anywhere, so the only clue you’ll have is the shading and the picture itself. Not everyone will like this one, but it sure is challenging!


The list, of course, can go on and on – but we’ve collected those difficult jigsaw puzzles that we personally like:

  • Ice Puzzle,
  • Wave Puzzle,
  • Black Hell and White Hell Puzzles,
  • Krypt Puzzles,
  • The Schmuzzle Puzzles.

If you know any other world’s most difficult ones, don’t hesitate to share them with your fellow puzzle lovers! A true puzzler will be happy to do anything that’s enough challenging and appealing. Maybe even gather your family, so that you can have fun and do some of the puzzles with a big number of pieces?

Either way right now is the best time to get some freshly cut top-notch jigsaws, or simply do them online!

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